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Nilfisk Alto Excellent E140.3-9 Xtra Pressure Washer

The Nilfisk ALTO E140.3 X-TRA is a Domestic Pressure Washer, which offers a good performance level, a high level of comfort, flexibility and user-friendliness.
These E140.3 X-TRA Pressure Washers are super cleaning machines for all types of medium to high frequency outdoor cleaning tasks around the house. Perfect for cleaning 4x4 vehicles, caravans and of course the patio.

The Nilfisk Alto E140.3 X-TRA is very mobile and user-friendly Pressure Washer due to the upright and ergonomic design fitted with an on-board hose reel.
The built-in telescopic handle make the machine easy to store when not in use. The storage options also include storage of Click&Clean accessories.
The C&C nozzle system, which is a unique feature for Nilfisk Pressure Washers, makes it quick and easy to change the nozzles. The standard Nilfisk bayonet coupling ensures compatibility with the wide Nilfisk consumer accessory range.

Fitted with a super reliable all aluminium pump, power saving auto stop / start, a long lasting reliable induction motor and comes complete with a 9m HP Hose and reel.


Nilfisk Alto Excellent E140.3-9 Xtra Pressure Washer


Max Pressure: 140 bar, 2030 psi
Max Delivery Rate: 450 - 500 ltr/h
Motor Power: 2100 W
Weight: 18.6 kgs
Dimensions: 345 x 395 x 900


CLICK & CLEAN nozzle system
Tornado nozzle with pressure regulation.
Induction motor for long life
Automatic start-stop
Trolley with hose reel & retractable handle
Foam sprayer
Powerspeed Extra cleaning performance
Aluminium pump. Not plastic !
Hose length 9m

Alto Excellent E140 Xtra Instruction Manual. Parts Drawing

CLICK&CLEAN Explained:

The Nilfisk-ALTO CLICK&CLEAN nozzle concept is a system of interchangeable pressure washer accessories that can be fitted quickly to the end of the consumer pressure washer lance.

What’s in the box?

The E140.3-9 XTRA includes a hose reel with 9m HP Hose, HP Gun, Cleaning Pin, Hosepipe Connector and the following accessories:

CLICK&CLEAN Tornado PR Nozzle
A fan jet that can cope with virtually any cleaning task in the garden, around the exterior of the house or on the car.

CLICK&CLEAN Powerspeed nozzle
An oscillating abrasive jet of water for use on tougher stubborn dirt in the garden. Sometimes named Turbo Nozzle, this accessory is considerably more efficient at cleaning when compared to a variable power nozzle.

CLICK&CLEAN Foam Sprayer
Uses to apply detergent at high pressure onto cars, bikes, patio's, etc.

Prices Include VAT & UK Mainland Delivery


Nilfisk Alto Excellent E140 3-9 Xtra / E140 2-9 Xtra Accessories

O = Optional equipment, S = Standard equipment

quick connections

AL128500071 Alto G4 Gun S £44.89
AL128500654 Alto 9m HP Hose For Reel ( NEW MODEL ONLY) S £56.00
AL128500081 (2.9 ONLY) Alto 9m HP Hose For Reel - OLD MODEL 2.9 EXTRA ONLY S £55.77
AL128500074 Alto G4 Lance Holder - Accepts Click & Clean Nozzles S £40.15
AL126481116 Alto Tornado G4 Standard Nozzle S £29.67
AL128500298 Alto Powerspeed G4 Nozzle S £34.31
AL126481115 Alto Powerspeed G4 Nozzle ( E140 2.9 MODEL ) S £31.19
AL128500077 Alto Foam Sprayer S £33.65
CA520905 Alto Hobby Sand-Blasting Lance O £58.60
AL128500955 Nilfisk Power Patio Cleaner - Bayonet Fitting O £69.84
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