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Whether you're looking for Cold Water Pressure Washers, Hot Water Pressure Washers, Electric Pressure Washers, Petrol Pressure Washer or Diesel Pressure Washers, you'll be sure to find the ideal solution here. Look out for the new Honda Petrol Pressure Washers available in the commercial section.

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domestic cold water pressure washers commercial hot water pressure washers
commercial cold water pressure washers domestic hot water pressure washers


Roof Cleaning Rotary Cleaner

Roof Cleaning Equipment
The Roof Cleaner DR-520 is an industrial quality tool specially designed for efficient,
high pressure roof cleaning while keeping the operator in a safe working area



Grafitti Rotary Surface Cleaning

Grafitti Cleaning Equipment
Professional Wall / Surface cleaners are used for various applications such as Graffiti removal, restoration of surfaces and Building cleaning. Superior quality, heavy duty & corrosion resistant, fitted with a 50mm vacuum port which can be connected to a Wet / Dry Vacuum Cleaner


Rotary Surface Cleaning

Rotary Surface Cleaners
Rotary Pressure Washer Surface Cleaners are powerful, reliable and universal in their application.
A must have accessory for pressure cleaning driveways, patio's, decking, concrete floors, garages and warehouse's.


Which pressure washer to choose?

Lavor, Washman, Washman Pro, Powermax, pressure washers

Domestic Cold Water Pressure Washers >>
Ideal for the home user and any light outdoor cleaning requirement. Use your high pressure cleaner on your Car, Motorbike or give the patio a quick jet wash with the Surfer Patio Cleaner attachment. Petrol and electric driven washers available.Lavor, Washman, Washman Pro, Powermax, pressure washers

Commercial Cold Water Pressure Washers >>
Professional high pressure cleaners, for commercial / industrial use, provide the ideal solution for the cleaning and maintenance of machinery and vehicles among many other uses. Petrol, electric and diesel driven pressure washers available.

Lavor, Washman, Washman Pro, Powermax, pressure washers

Commercial Hot Water Pressure Washers >>
Suitable for many varied usages and ideal in several commercial / industrial sectors like; agriculture, building sites, petrol stations, cleaning contractors. Suitable for medium to very heavy use and petrol and diesel washers available.

Lavor, Washman, Washman Pro, Powermax, pressure washers

Domestic Hot Water Pressure Washers >>
For the serious DIY'er, our high pressure hot water power washers are irreplaceable. A large range of accessories makes for multifunctional capabilities. Suitable for light use or medium short duration usage .

Lavor, Washman, Washman Pro, Powermax, pressure washers

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