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TD Cold Water Pressure Washer

This special edition pressure washer machine is versatile, user friendly and offers high performance and reliability.


TD pressure washers


Max Pressure: 100 bar
Max Delivery Rate: 420 ltr/h
ABS Power: 1300 W
Weight: 12 KG, 26.4 lbs


Low maintenance motor with thermal protection
Three pistons fiber antilime pump head with built-in by-pass valve
Very low noise
Max water inlet temperature 40 C
Power cable with plug
Compact size

Prices Include VAT & Delivery

TD Pressure Washer Accessories

O = Optional equipment, S = Standard equipment

quick connections

6.005.0321 HP Gun With 4M Hose S £57.00
6.002.0272 D.1,10 S'02 Turbo Lance O £43.80
6.002.0251 D.1,10 S'02 high/low press. adjustable lance O £43.80
6.002.0210C S'02 V lance with fan jet S £37.20
6.002.0259 Foam Bottle S £24.00
6.010.0036 High pressure foam lance sprayer O £66.60
LAVM14M 15mm bore 1/4" M hose coupling x M22 O £10.87
3.100.0082 Water inlet coupling S £7.80
CA420332010 10 m drain cleaning hose O £79.50
6.002.0203 curved lance 1503 O £50.40
6.003.0049 S'99 lance extension 300mm O £24.00
3.601.0091 Rotary Brush O £34.20
3.601.0033 fixed brush O £25.80
CA521030100 Skater Domestic Rotary Surface Cleaner 300mm" (more information) O £69.99
4.408.0007 Replacement TD Wheels ( Pair ) O £23.40
Complete Range Of Detergents & Cleaners (more information)

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